Saturday, March 7, 2020

March 2020

We had a lovely day at Heritage Acres on Tuesday, March 3.  Here are the relevant notes:

  • Lynn passed out the pattern for the pin doll Round Robin
  • Make body parts from the pattern but do not put the pin doll together
  • At the April meeting, bring the parts and we will exchange arms and legs with other members
  • We will then assemble our pin dolls and they will be so unique and colourful
  • Please bring embellishments to share (and some to use yourself) for the pin doll
  • suggestions are wee buttons, beads, sequins, yarn (for hair), wee flowers, ribbons
Example of the pin doll we will be making at the next meeting


  • We now have our library back as we can keep the filing cabinet at Heritage Acres
  • Some magazines (very old ones) were sold to members as space is limited

Victoria Quilt Show (June 5-7 Pearks Arena)

  • Sheila announced the theme for the June challenge (to coincide with the quilt show) as "Shiny Things"
  • Sheila handed out file cards with the fabrics that must be incorporated into your doll
  • More information will be given at the next meeting including the sign up sheet for the show (the Cloth-a-dollics will have a table for display as per usual)

Goodie Bag Draw

  • Diane is running out of goodies so please take a look at your stash and see if you can donate any doll related "stuff" to the cause

Under the Sea Challenge

  • We had six entries for the challenge ( a couple of people were home sick )
  • People's choice was for Michele's doll and the random draw for Maida
  • Check the dolls and show and tell in the Gallery tab

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