Thursday, October 10, 2019

Mother Plays with Dolls

This week our club had it’s birthday. We are 22 years old all thanks to the encouragement of the cloth doll guru elinor peace bailey. In honour of elinor’s 80th birthday, our club choose to interpret the “mother plays with dolls” rag doll pattern. The results were amazing and so much fun to see.

Charlotte made an elinor doll!  This won people's choice and well deserved

Ballerina by Mary

A colourful work in progress by Daria

A gypsy fellow by Bobbi

A colourful Frida by Maria

A sweet angel by Diane

A white on white beauty by Bev

The back of elinor's jacket using an appliqué of fabric designed by epb

A fairy made by Maida using a Korean fabric donated by another doll maker

A beach babe by Sandra and granny

A modern gal made by michele

A sweet granny (work in progress) by Charles

A mixed media gal made by Jan

The beauty babe with her environment well done Sandra

A two headed topsy turvy in progress made by Lynn

What a wonderful fun meeting.  Members also brought in Halloween show and tell dolls:

Made by Cathy

Michele's dolls

beautiful cards hand made by Meeri

Next month is November.  Fall is in the air and dolls are calling out to be made!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

August 2019

The August meeting was such fun. Members were asked to bring their oldest doll for show and share.  We were also graced with a visiting member of the "Dollirious" doll club from Marysville, Washington.  Carole was visiting Victoria with her husband and joined us at the August meeting.  She brought some of her fab dolls to share with us:

Carole with her three dolls

This is Carole's doll made from an Arley Berryhill pattern "La Femme"

These two lovely ladies were made by Carole from a Jill Maas pattern.  They were hilarious
 Now for the oldest dolls from our members, some made, some made by loved ones and some collected from other dealmakers:
Made by Maida's mother to represent the Navajo

Oldest dolls made by Sharon

Made by Bev

Made by Bev in a Patti Culea class

Made by Teresa

Brought in by Charlotte, so retro!

Another of Charlotte's childhood doll.  I so wanted this doll when I was young!

A skunk from Charlotte's stash

Queen Elizabeth doll belonging to Charlotte

Charlotte's doll from a summer trip to Yellowstone

The last of Charlotte's oldest dolls.  The clown was made by her mom and the blue doll was Charlotte's try at making the pink doll that a neighbour gave her when she was fell and was hurt.  Charlotte was a very good keeper of childhood dolls!

Brought in by Charlie, this doll was made by Wendy Gibbs

A felt folded doll brought in by Bobbi

Not an old doll but Bobbi brought in her finished doll from the Charlie Patricolo workshop

A doll from a fabric panel 

One of the first dolls made by Gail from a J. Mccullough pattern

The first doll made by one of our newest and youngest members!  Well done and carry on with the addiction.

One of the first dolls made by Maria from a epb pattern.  The inspiration was the crazy quilt rectangle she made and that became the Gypsy's skirt.

A first doll ringing in the New Year, how cute.

Dolls brought in by Maureen.  The centre one is by the famous Lenci doll makers of Milan, Italy

A puppet made by Maureen's mother!
This was a fun and successful meeting.  Hope to see everyone and more at the September meeting!