Friday, May 13, 2016

May Meeting & Quilt Show Photos

The Cloth-a-dollics display at the 2016 Victoria Quilters Guild Show was a great success!
Visit our Flickr album for more photos of the event.

Our May meeting featured a 'show-and-tell' — an opportunity for our members to exhibit and talk about a variety of work. Here's what we saw:

Dolls by Jan Wiebe and Sharon Adam

Backpacks and purses by Maria Roxborough

Catrina by Jane Smith 

Doll by Beverly Brown

Sock dolls, clothes, and quilt by Maida Neilson
From a vintage 1942 pattern available at

Three Nice Mice
by Sharon Mitchell

Dolls by Leah Freedman
Links to patterns:

Friday, April 15, 2016

April Meeting and Quilt Show Challenge

April's challenge dolls illustrated motion and featured an analogous colour scheme. These dolls and more Cloth-a-dollics creations will be shown at the Victoria Quilters Guild Show and Sale in May.
Here are the entries that we viewed at our April meeting.

“My Turn…Matinee at the Symphony” by Thea Wapola
Pattern by Patti Culea
“Dances with Butterflies” by Maida Neilson
Pattern by Stephanie Novatski

“Percival Ponce Pontificates” by Cathy Kess
Pattern by Sharon Mitchell

“Celista” by Sandi Reid

“Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat” by Maria Roxborough
Pattern by Maria Roxborough
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“Groovy Grace” by Sharon Adam

"2020 Victoria: Bicycles Become Mandatory"
by Charlotte McFarland

“Rocking Horse” by Teresa Ranson
Rabbit by Maida Neilson