Saturday, July 13, 2019

July 2019

The club meeting was last Wednesday. Attendance was good considering that we are at the start of summer vacations! The weather cooperated as after a much needed rainy day, the sky cleared and a beautiful rainbow appeared.

The show and tell theme for this meeting was "mermaids" and here are the  results:
Made by Maida, original

Made by Maria, a Cyndi Malhastadt pattern

Made by Mary on the right and a Charlie Patricolo mermaid on left

Made by Michele, an Arley Berryhill pattern
 The next ones are all made by Charlotte using Patti Culea's patterns:
Victoria 2020 "By Law everyone must cycle!"

A Julie McCullough pattern

There were also some additional show and tell dolls:
A funky guord chicken made by Bev using a guord and paperclay, paint

A Polymer clay hanging doll made by Maria ( technique learned from Gera Scott Chandler)

Made by Michelle in a Charlie Patricolo workshop

Cluck cluck for now, we will return in August for more delights.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June 2019 - Anthropomorphic Doll Challenge

Wow, what a warm, dry spring we are having.  The club meeting was nice and cool in the lower level of the church so all were happy as the temperature outside was 28C!

The June meeting was the reveal of the Anthropomorphic doll challenge and here are the results:

Rabbit by Gail

Kitty and Bunny by Teresa, Ellie by Diane

Raven by Maria chosen people's second Choice

Ram, Horse, and Rabbit by Michele, chosen people's first Choice

Butterfly by Sharon

We also had a few show and tell dolls from our members:
The house elf Toby from Harry Potter by Terri

Waldorf doll and another Ellie by Maria
The final show and tell was a remake of a pony that was a little worse for wear.  I was asked to refresh this little horse and I decided to remove the outer layer and bead the horse.  Thanks must be given to Dot Lewallen from Ohio for her wonderful article on turning stuffed, old thrift store stuffed animals into beaded wonders.

This was the horse before I transformed it
Now after many, many hours of beading and many, many beads, here is the new pony:

Beaded pony, ready for his forever home!
That is all for this month and we hope to see many more members at the July meeting on Wednesday, July10th.