Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June Meeting: special guest and getting ready for the museum exhibit

Actor and puppeteer Tim Gosley of Victoria's Puppets for Peace celebration came to our June meeting. He showed us that dolls can be used as puppets to tell a story.

We gathered our dolls together for transport to Sidney Museum's "Best Loved Dolls of the Past 100 Years" exhibit. They'll be on display throughout July and August.

This Saturday we'll gather for a day of sewing and socializing at Sawyer Sewing Centre.

Have a look at our photos from this month's meeting:

"Night Circus" by Teresa Ranson
From class taught by a Deb Wood 

"Crow King — Croaking" by Maida Neilson

Tim Gosley demonstrating dolls as puppets

Tim Gosley with a puppet by Charlotte McFarland

Dolls for display Sidney

Dolls for display Sidney

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 2015 Challenge: Fractured Fairy Tales

Our May meeting featured the challenge "Fractured Fairy Tales" and it brought out a bevy of imaginative dolls. The winner was Charlotte McFarland with her trio "Winkin' Blinkin' and Wide Awake".

We talked about our fun activities for June, including a sewing get-together at Sawyer Sewing Centre and a three day workshop with dollmaker Marilyn Halcomb. At the June meeting, we'll have a special presentation by puppeteer Tim Gosley, organizer of Victoria's Puppets for Peace celebration.

The Cloth-a-dollics are also thrilled to participate in the "Doll Extravaganza" exhibit at the Sidney Museum and Archives this summer. A wonderful collection of our members' creations will be on display through July and August.

Here are the dolls we saw at the May meeting:
"Winkin' Blinkin' and Wide Awake"
by Charlotte McFarland

by Elaine Hennecker

"Aesop's Crow"
by Maida Neilson


"Frog Prince"
by Michele Ashmore
by Linda Danielson

"The Mover"
by Jan Weibe

"Little Red and Wolf"
by Maria Roxborough

"The Little Red Hen"
by Gail Arsenault

"The Rastafarian Rapunzel"
by Daria Duprey

"Cow-a-bunga, Dude"
by Sandi Reid

Vintage Cards
by Charles Johnson
Vintage Card Making at French Vanilla with Florence

"Hello Ducky"
by Elaine Hennecker

by Barb Swain

by Michel Ashmore and Maria Roxborough

by Jan Weibe

Woodland Elf
repaired by Michele Ashmore

Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Meeting — We made paper boxes!

At our April meeting we had a great time making collapsible orts boxes out of wallpaper samples — thanks to Michele for showing us how and providing the paper. Also, members who worked on St. Patrick's Day themed pin dolls in March brought in their results and we saw 'show and share' dolls by Cathy, Linda and Maria. 

We're looking forward to the May meeting when we'll see what our members have created for the next challenge, entitled "Fractured Fairy Tales". The Cloth-a-dollics hold doll-making challenges three times each year. 

Some upcoming events of interest to our community:

Our St. Patrick's Day themed pin dolls
"Heron Dreams of Grandure" by Linda Danielson
"Jezreel" by Cathy Kess
Pattern by Barbara Schoenoff
"Asha, Queen of the LuvBugs" by Maria Roxborough
"Mother of Pearl" by Linda Danielson

Friday, February 13, 2015

News and Photos from our February 2015 Meeting

Here's what we talked about on Wednesday evening....

We're looking forward to our upcoming meetings:
  • MARCH: Embellish your pin doll for St. Patrick’s Day 
  • APRIL: Make an origami box for threads and trinkets
  • MAY: The “Fractured Fairy Tales” Doll Challenge
  • JUNE: A demonstration of stuffing techniques

Events for doll makers of Victoria and Vancouver Island:

Some local news for crafters:
  • Bib N’tucker Quilting is moving to the corner of Craigflower and Tillicum
  • miniLAND will closing the downtown location at the end of the month to focus on their online business

Best of all, have a look at our Show and Share entries for February:

"Alice" by Maria Roxborough
derived from designs by
Colleen Babcock, Sherry Goshon and Judi Ward

"Mother of Pearl" by Linda Danielson
An original design

"Steam Punk Crow Trying to Catch a Caterpillar" by Maida Neilson
An original design

Chinese Lantern Doll by Michele Ashmore
from a kit by De Witt Engel

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 2015 Challenge: Let's Dance!

Our first meeting of 2015 was well-attended and we talked about our club's plans for the year ahead.

One of the highlights will be a 3-day workshop at the end of September taught Peggy Wilson of Ashton, Ontario. There are just a few more spaces available, so contact Michelle if you'd like to attend.

Some other events of interest:
Timeless Treasures Quilt Show, Langford, BC, April 17-18
Sewing & Stitchery Expo, Puyallup, WA, February 6-March 1

The Cloth-a-Dollics challenge this month was "Let's Dance" won by Cathy Kess with her fabulous flapper in a red dress, " no-one is watching!"

Here are the pics:

First Prize: " no-one is watching" by Cathy Kess.
Pattern by Sharon Mitchell.
"The Dancing Queen" by Maida Neilson.
Pattern by Karen Shifton.
The Dance of Love "Miss Lila Love Berry" by Maria Roxborough.

"Angel Hair" by Barb Swain.
Patterns by Julie McCullogh and Ute Vasina, (two views of the doll).
Let's Dance by Jane Smith.
"Autumn Waltz" designed and made by Elaine Hennecker.
Unfinished dancing dolls by Maureen McIntosh.
By Gail Arsenault.
Pattern by Gretchen Lima.
"Bunny Sofia-Marie" by Maria Roxborough.
Pattern from "The Hughston Collection".
Click to read more about this doll on Maria's blog.
"Ballerina Pair" made by Sandy Taylor bought at Handmade House in Saskatoon.
Proudly owned by Sharon Adam.
Pattern by Ute Vasina.
"Peter the Pack Rat" by Gail Arsenault.
Pattern by Ute Vasina.
"Stanley" by Barb Swain. Pattern by Ute Vasina.
Our Christmas Gift Exchange dolls.
"Naoki's Angel" made for Naoki by Maida Neilson.
Felted dolls brought from Kurdistani Georgia by Maureen's daughter.
Doll brought from Riga, Lithuania, by Maureen's daughter.
Crocheted animal hat by Maria Roxborough.