Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 2014: The 'Quilt Show' Challenge

The 'Quilt Show' challenge was the subject for our meeting on April 9th. These and other dolls will be displayed at "Adventures in Quilting 2014" in May.

We also welcomed new members: Elaine, Lynda and Pat.

* Winning Entry *

Maida Neilson

My Imaginary Trip to the Galapagos Island.
Barb Swain

Tatiana a Russian Czarina
Lives near the Siberian Sea. She’s all dressed up and ready for the Ball. I began this doll as a beaded challenge. Her gown is made of the finest cottons and duping silks. Embellishments of seed bead picot edging, special flower pedal beads accented with gold Japanese beads and cotton tassels decorate her lovely gown. She wears the finest silk shoes adorned with hand died silk ribbons. Tatiana is inspired by the artist Betts Vidal. Costuming is my own original design inspired by a photo I once saw on the internet.
Gail Arsenault

"The Fishing Trip"
My husband whom I adore,
Asked me to go fishing once more,
I tripped and fell in
A fisherman's sin.
Now we're buying fish from the store.
—Joyce Johnson

Pattern: Becky Holloway
Sandi Reid

We are fulfilling a lifelong dream travelling back in time to Amarna, Egypt 1,300 years B.C., to vist with Amenhotep and Nefertiti. Can't show method of transport... had to return the Tardis to Dr. Who.
Jan Weibe

Gabrielle is travelling to the clouds to visit the Pegasus who live there.

Pattern: Isabelle MacDonald
Michele Ashmore

Cedric and Eldan are going for a trip around the world on Felix, their trusty snail. Felix is a special snail. All he has to do is blink his eyes, count to three and think where he'd like to be next. They plan stop in Marrakesh, and pick up their cousin, Rhys.

Pattern: Peggy Wilson
Maria Roxborough

Frida Kahlo travelling to Paris
[click to read more]
Maida Neilson

As a child I always wanted to go sledding with my grandparents
Angie Miller

Cloth house utilizing
odds-and-ends for embellishment.
Cloth-A-Dollics photo collections may also be viewed at PictureTrail and Flickr.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 2014 Meeting

"Sophia" by Maria Roxborough "The Elven Princess" by Gail Arsenault "The Bird Catcher" by Cathy Kess "Louis and the Looking Glass" by Maida Neilson "Ashmore" by Michele Ashmore

At this meeting:

  • Gail and Maria shared their experiences of a 5-day workshop that they recently attended, led by Ankie Daanen and Marlaine Verhelst. 
  • Maureen handed out a pattern and shopping list to get us started on our 'Steampunk Fish' project.
  • Thanks to Charlotte, plans are well underway for our club's participation in the Victoria Quilters' Guild 'Quilt Show & Sale' this May.

View these and more Cloth-A-Dollics photos on PictureTrail or Flickr.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 2014 Photos

At our February meeting "The Beaded Doll" challenge was won by
Maureen McIntosh for her Leon Bask Beaded Doll.

Valentine pin dollLovely face pin DollValentine pin dollDancing valentine pin dollBeaded cat pin dollFelted lady pin doll Clown pin dollPin doll with hearts

Many members wore pins celebrating Valentines Day.

Friday, January 10, 2014

January's photos are online!

Our recent meeting included members' show-and-share and a demonstration of beading techniques.  Click to have a look at this month's Cloth-A-Dollics photo album.
 january 2014 show-and-tell

Saturday, December 14, 2013


The Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria is a cloth doll club started in October 1997. Since then membership has grown to approximately 45 to 50 members. The Cloth-A-Dollics is run by volunteers usually for two year terms.