Thursday, February 11, 2016

February Challenge: Royalty

"Royalty" was the theme of our February challenge, won by Maria Roxborough for her "Queen of Hearts and Rabbit as Herald".

CHALLENGE WINNER: Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit as Herald
by Maria Roxborough
Queen inspired by Arley Berryhill’s Candlestick Divas
Rabbit pattern by Karyn Rudy
West Coast Snow Folk by Daria Duprey
Prince Reginald by Michele Ashmore
Queen Bee by Sandi Reid
His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge
by Maida Neilson
Pattern by Brenda Brightmore
Queen Mum by Jane Smith
Tarlton by Beverly Brown 
The Princess Bride by Maida Neilson
Snow Princess by Charlotte McFarland
“Little Princess” pattern from “My Felt Doll” book by Shelly Down

The Royal Rats - Rockin round the clock till broad daylight
By Cathy Kess
Pattern by Sharon Mitchell
by Maida Neilson

by Maida Neilson

Leprechaun Hats by Gayle Arsenault

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January 2016 Meeting

At our January meeting we talked about plans for the coming year, beginning with a "Wings" workshop presented on the 23rd by Gayle Arsenault at Sawyer Sewing Centre. Gayle will also be showing us how to make a Leprechaun Hat in March.

Next month's meeting features the first of our three doll challenges this year. The theme is "Royal or Royalty". We're planning to gather for a sewing day at Sawyer's on March 12th.

The Cloth-a-dollics are excited to be participating in The Victoria Quilters' Guild Show & Sale in May. Challenge dolls for this event are due at our April meeting.

Wings by Gayle Arsenault

Leprechaun Hat by Gayle Arsenault

One Kiss is not Enough (The Frog Princess)
Doll by Sharon Adam
from a pattern by Stephanie Novatski

Spirit doll and Christmas doll by Sharon Adam

Felt Dolls

Felt Dolls

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 2015 Holiday Meeting

At our Christmas meeting we share treats and dolls. Here are the exchange dolls plus a few show-and-tell items.
Violet-Jill and Rose-Merri
Made by Shiela Lefevre
Design:  “Oakra” by Ute Vasina

Worry Dolls, Large and Small, from The Prims Book
Made by Lynda Hay and Shiela Lefevre

by Maria Roxborough

by Maria Roxborough

Saturday, November 14, 2015

November Meeting

At our November meeting, Sandi gave a demonstration of making Monks' Cord embellishment.

Events of interest this month:

Here are the photos from this month's meeting:

Flossie and Benjamin Rabbit Attending Carrot Academy made by Cathy Kess
From "How to Sew Little Felt Animals" by Sue Quinn

Cross-stitch by Sharon Adam

“Masie’s First Rendezvous” made by Thea
Pattern: Nude Nance by Virginia Robertson

"Madame Le Chat" made by Jane Smith
Pattern by Stephanie Novatski

New Growth by Linda Danielson

Cybele by Linda Danielson

Love Returns on Little Wings by Linda Danielson

Made by Maria Roxborough

Made by Maria Roxborough

Made by Maria Roxborough

Felted pin cushions Beth Madill

Felt animals made by Leah Freedman
Holiday Blue-footed Booby Ornament, threadfollower patterns
Charlotte Fox and Felix Fox, threadfollower patterns and Cynthia Treen Studio
Felt Horse,

Photos are also viewable on our Flickr photostream

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