Cloth-a-Dollics Events

New event: 2020 CANCELLED

Charlie Patricolo is coming back: March 29-30 2020April 5-6 ( week before Easter)

  • The time is almost upon us,
  • Check your emails for updates from Michele
  • Charlie Petrocolo has confirmed her dates for our class, Designing the Doll.

The majority of members chose the DESIGN YOUR OWN DOLL workshop details as follows: There would not be pre-work and it would be 4 days. 
Please bring your money for the class to the February 4th meeting ($200) to give to Charles.

Victoria Quilt Show ( CANCELLED)

  • The theme is City of Gardens
  • The Cloth-a-dollics will have a table displaying our creations
  • The challenge (due in June) is in collaboration with the quilters and is called "Shiny Things"
  • See more information on our "Notes" tab

Natural Connections Art Show (CANCELLED)

  • A group of seven artists will have their creations on show for sale
  • Maria will have art dolls and cushions
  • In addition, there is a collage artist, a potter, paper artist, watercolour painter, and a polymer clay artist
  • Times are 10am to 7pm

Would you like to see more dolls from us?  Here is your chance:

Event:  Go Figure III

Dates:  October 10-21 (Wed through Sunday)

Opening Reception:  Saturday, Oct 13, 1pm to 3pm (refreshments provided, meet the artists)

Where:  Coast Collective Art Centre, Wale Road Colwood ( beside Holiday Inn Express, same parking lot as Lee Valley)

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