Cloth-a-Dollics Events

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Heritage Acres from 10am to 4pm (double vaccinated only)
Bring your own lunch, coffee, tea provided

1. New Event: Diverse Threads on November 19-25th

Enjoy an afternoon or morning at beautiful Sidney by the Sea and go to Tulista Park, ArtSea Gallery to see a talented group of fibre artists including our very own Jan W. and Thea.  Daily from 10am to 4pm.

2. New Event: Artisans by the Sea  on November 26-Dec 4th

Once again at Tulista Park in beautiful Sidney, this group of artists includes our very own Bobbi with art dolls and former member Kathyrn Fudge with paverpol sculptures.  Daily from 10 am to 4pm.

New event: 2020 CANCELLED

Charlie Patricolo is coming back: March 29-30 2020April 5-6 ( week before Easter)

  • The time is almost upon us,
  • Check your emails for updates from Michele
  • Charlie Petrocolo has confirmed her dates for our class, Designing the Doll.

The majority of members chose the DESIGN YOUR OWN DOLL workshop details as follows: There would not be pre-work and it would be 4 days. 
Please bring your money for the class to the February 4th meeting ($200) to give to Charles.

Victoria Quilt Show ( CANCELLED)

  • The theme is City of Gardens
  • The Cloth-a-dollics will have a table displaying our creations
  • The challenge (due in June) is in collaboration with the quilters and is called "Shiny Things"
  • See more information on our "Notes" tab

Natural Connections Art Show (CANCELLED)

  • A group of seven artists will have their creations on show for sale
  • Maria will have art dolls and cushions
  • In addition, there is a collage artist, a potter, paper artist, watercolour painter, and a polymer clay artist
  • Times are 10am to 7pm

Would you like to see more dolls from us?  Here is your chance:

Event:  Go Figure III

Dates:  October 10-21 (Wed through Sunday)

Opening Reception:  Saturday, Oct 13, 1pm to 3pm (refreshments provided, meet the artists)

Where:  Coast Collective Art Centre, Wale Road Colwood ( beside Holiday Inn Express, same parking lot as Lee Valley)

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