Thursday, March 14, 2019

March 2019

Well we missed February's meeting due to snow! What a cold and snowy month February was.  No worries, March is here and the sun is shining and the snow is mostly gone.

Our March meeting was well attended as we revealed the results of the challenge "chairs". But first a few of the show and tell creations:

Made by Terri using a Frowning Francis pattern, quite the snazzy pair!

Made by Cathy, the owl is from a pattern by Anne Wood and the Rat from a pattern found on pinterest
 Now for the Chair challenge:

The front chair made by Maria from plaster cloth, the pink chair made by Teresa using polymer clay

This stunning birch chair made by Charles won the member's 2nd choice prize.
Charles made it using real branch of curly willow, wire, paint, bandage and other materials!

Two purchased metal chairs brought in by Charlotte

A beautiful chair made by Bobbi from a pattern by Cindy Moyer

A fun paper cache chair purchased from a second hand shop by Darla

A decoupaged manikin hand made by Gail.  The fingers hold a wee swing ready for a fairy.

A pink fairy chair made by Bev using plaster cloth

A wee tuffet made by Diane using a cup box and covered with silk

A wonderful woodsy chair made by Cathy using wood, epoxy and wire

A wee mousy chair made by Michele using empty rolls of ribbon
 The people's choice award goes to the stunning Giraffe chair:

This stunning creation, an original creation by the talented Maureen using lots of mixed media techniques

Two face masks chairs made by Thea

A person used as a chair for a teddy, an inventive take on "chair" by Thea

Finally, the winner of the challenge, the complete giraffe chair made by Maureen.

Bye for now, time for a cup of tea or coffee!

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