Friday, November 15, 2019

November 2019-Show and Tell

A special note to all our members:

Bev our co-ordinator and Maureen our program person are at the end of their term positions and we need members to step up and volunteer for these two year term positions starting in January 2020.  If we want our club to continue, please consider making yourself available.

Thanks and now  for doll photos:

This month our club meeting asked member to bring in dolls made at our retreat weekend at Heritage Acres. Members brought in their crow mothers (pattern by Ute Vasina):

Made by Sharon

Made by Maria

Made by Bev

Made by Cathy (This is definitely a fellow)
Made by Thea 

Thea finished her Elinor Peace Bailey "Mother plays with dolls) pattern

Teresa finished her Elinor Peace Bailey doll as well!

Members were also asked to bring in some Christmas dolls:

Made by Maria (inspired by Ute Vasina and Allison Marano)

Brought in by Bev, some of her treasures given to her by fellow doll makers in past years.

The next meeting is our annual Christmas potluck at Michele's home!  Information will be send out to the members well before Wed. December 11th.  Hope everyone can make it as it is a time for good food, laughs, sharing and gift dolly exchanges.

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