Saturday, July 13, 2019

July 2019

The club meeting was last Wednesday. Attendance was good considering that we are at the start of summer vacations! The weather cooperated as after a much needed rainy day, the sky cleared and a beautiful rainbow appeared.

The show and tell theme for this meeting was "mermaids" and here are the  results:
Made by Maida, original

Made by Maria, a Cyndi Malhastadt pattern

Made by Mary on the right and a Charlie Patricolo mermaid on left

Made by Michele, an Arley Berryhill pattern
 The next ones are all made by Charlotte using Patti Culea's patterns:
Victoria 2020 "By Law everyone must cycle!"

A Julie McCullough pattern

There were also some additional show and tell dolls:
A funky guord chicken made by Bev using a guord and paperclay, paint

A Polymer clay hanging doll made by Maria ( technique learned from Gera Scott Chandler)

Made by Michelle in a Charlie Patricolo workshop

Cluck cluck for now, we will return in August for more delights.

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