Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Upcoming Programs

March - Moulded Feld Faces
Materials to Bring
1.      Any face mold you have (positive or negative)
2.      Vaseline
3.      Skin coloured wool felt (or any other colour).
4.      Tacky glue or Gem Tac (best) which can be purchased at Michaels
5.      Paint Brushes: flat ½” for applying glue
6.      Some Q-Tips (for applying Vaseline and holding felt in nose)
7.      Paper towels or a rag.

For show and tell in March bring any felt doll or critters.

April – Needle Felted Mice
Materials to Bring
1.      Small 3” to 4” think foam (can be purchased at Knotty by Nature at 1704 Lillian Rd)
2.      Felting needles (size 38, 39, 40)
3.      12 – 15” of 18-gauge wire (Maureen will make the armatures for the mice ahead of time for us)
4.      Wire cutters
5.      Needle-nose pliers
6.      White roving wool 

For April show and tell bring any felt doll or critters

May – Felt Hats Demo
1.      Demo of how to make molded hats including a wet felted tam and pattern for a top hat.

For show and tell in May: bring dolls with felt clothing

Also for May we are participating in the Victoria Quilt Guild's Quilt show and we have a challenge doll as follows:

Quilt Show:

We are participating in the Victoria Quilt Guild Show exhibit at the Pearks Arena, May 4, 5,6th. Sheila Fowler is now the Committee of One organizer for the display. More details to follow. City of Gardens is the theme of the Challenge.
The challenge guidelines are:
  1. Must have hand applique somewhere on doll or clothing (a flower? a piece of braid? etc)
  2. Use as many fabrics as you wish.
  3. Include at least one flower (fabric, flower of some sort)
  4. Have a visible piece of blue fabric in memory of the blue bridge.
  5. Have visible black colour yarn, fabric, whatever you choose.
  6. Embellish as you wish. 

June – Felt Doll or Critter Challenge

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