Sunday, October 15, 2017

20th Birthday October 2017

We just had our October 2017th meeting and celebrated 20 years of the doll club!  The October meeting was packed full of activities:

  • 20th Birthday party celebration with homemade cupcakes/tea/coffee
  • Start of the Round Robin doll exchange
  • Colouring of the "Day of the Dead' page
  • Dress up for Halloween celebration
  • Uncovering of the "Halloween" challenge dolls made by members
Here are the photos: Dress up and celebrate Halloween


Now for the Halloween Challenge Dolls: and Day of the Dead Colouring Book

People's First Choice Award

Day of the Dead Colouring Book

Day of the Dead Colouring book

Day of the Dead Colouring Book

Until next time!  I apologize to Maida for forgetting to take a photo of her magnificent Halloween Challenge doll with was awarded "People's Second Place Choice".

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