Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Challenge: Dragons!

Our February meeting was cancelled on account of snow (snow! in Victoria!), but we made up for it with a great turnout for our March meeting. The challenge topic was "Dragons" and, as you can see by these photos, the entries did not disappoint. Cathy was the challenge winner with her colourful trio.

Events of Interest:
Consider the Lilies XV, April 9, 2017
Saanich Peninsula Arts & Crafts Society Spring Show, April 28-30

"The story of how the dragons outsmarted Prince Ronald and saved the Princess"
Cathy Kess

Thea Wapola
Pattern by Carol Saunders

"Celtic Dragon"
Charlotte McFarland
Pattern by Melinda Small Paterson 
from Soft Dolls and Animals, January 2001

"Hillary, the would-be president"
Bobbie Swinney

Thea Wapola
Pattern by Karen Marshall & Joan Seignoir

"James Dandy"
Charles Johnson

"Dragon Lady"
Maida Neilson

Barb Swain

Hand Puppet 
Gail Arsenault

"Gauntlets" dragon stitch crochet
Terry Pallant

"Pink Dragon"
Michele Ashmore
Pattern by Jennifer Carson

"Sweater Babe"
Michele Ashmore

"Lucky Dragon"
Michele Ashmore

"Lucky Dragon"
Michele Ashmore

"Baxter Dragon"
Michele Ashmore

Bev Brown

"Little Lightning"
Leah Freedman
Pattern by Kosucas



Gail Arsenault


"Deep Water"

Michele Ashmore



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