Thursday, February 11, 2016

February Challenge: Royalty

"Royalty" was the theme of our February challenge, won by Maria Roxborough for her "Queen of Hearts and Rabbit as Herald".

CHALLENGE WINNER: Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit as Herald
by Maria Roxborough
Queen inspired by Arley Berryhill’s Candlestick Divas
Rabbit pattern by Karyn Rudy
West Coast Snow Folk by Daria Duprey
Prince Reginald by Michele Ashmore
Queen Bee by Sandi Reid
His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge
by Maida Neilson
Pattern by Brenda Brightmore
Queen Mum by Jane Smith
Tarlton by Beverly Brown 
The Princess Bride by Maida Neilson
Snow Princess by Charlotte McFarland
“Little Princess” pattern from “My Felt Doll” book by Shelly Down

The Royal Rats - Rockin round the clock till broad daylight
By Cathy Kess
Pattern by Sharon Mitchell
by Maida Neilson

by Maida Neilson

Leprechaun Hats by Gayle Arsenault

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