Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June Meeting: special guest and getting ready for the museum exhibit

Actor and puppeteer Tim Gosley of Victoria's Puppets for Peace celebration came to our June meeting. He showed us that dolls can be used as puppets to tell a story.

We gathered our dolls together for transport to Sidney Museum's "Best Loved Dolls of the Past 100 Years" exhibit. They'll be on display throughout July and August.

This Saturday we'll gather for a day of sewing and socializing at Sawyer Sewing Centre.

Have a look at our photos from this month's meeting:

"Night Circus" by Teresa Ranson
From class taught by a Deb Wood 

"Crow King — Croaking" by Maida Neilson

Tim Gosley demonstrating dolls as puppets

Tim Gosley with a puppet by Charlotte McFarland

Dolls for display Sidney

Dolls for display Sidney

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